Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

Best Immersion Blenders {Our Top Pick 2017 }

Well, don’t feel shy in admitting the dependence on the immersion blenders in your kitchen work can be compared to that of a coil while cooking. The fine blending of smoothies, sauces, and dips without transferring them to the jars of the huge food processors is a blessing.

The desired consistency is reached with the proper visual monitoring which is absent in the best of the food processors. Also, the huge pots and pans of food can be churned in a jiffy as no turn to churn or crush in batches.

Not to forget the storage of the hand or immersion blenders is excellent. They can be safely tucked away in a drawer or unit or can be fixed to any kitchen wall like a prized possession. The owner can flaunt it quickly as most of them come with a handy hook which carries the weight of the blender.

The portion of food also need not be judged while using it. If you are making a small glass of smoothie, then absolutely no need to increase the quantity. The small rim of the blender is enough to crush even a quarter of glass yogurt into an excellent smoothie.

Well, the market is flooded with different kinds of blenders, and all of them claim to be the best, let’s pick the best of them and then it becomes easier to make a choice. A few pointers are mentioned so that the reader finds it convenient to pick the best from the lot based on the requirement.

  1. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

A highly priced product from a reputed company. As you are paying a huge price, it is advisable to know the reason for it. It is foolish to pay for the brand house. Available at this product is most expensive one in the list.

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

This tool is for the relentless, tough job. It can immerse in piping hot soups and curries without the fear of getting the parts of blenders weak or twisted. To endure the tough situations and challenges, this one has a pure stainless steel body.

The metallic shine and the strong blades are heavily durable. Though the body is metallic, the motor is placed in a plastic casing. This makes the blender lightweight and comfortable to hold for long durations.

The strength can be estimated from the fact that the ice can be easily crushed with it. The blades are not damaged even if you use the blender for regular ice crushing. Amazing isn’t it?

The shaft of the blender is more than 8 inches long, this kind of designing enables the blender to use for deep pots and pans. It can be immersed till the base of the utensil and thus ensure the smooth and even crushing of the ingredients.

The motor emits 280 watts of power, so the tough guy built for the toughest job. So when other blenders tend to crack and damage, this one is a winner. Well, in spite of the plastic motor casing this a bit heavy on your wrist. So if you are traveling and want to carry it along, then this will take a lot of consideration.

The features have not yet ended. It shows a performance of 15 different kinds of speed, thus you can try a lot of cooking experiments. This one will not let you down.

The accessories which come along with it are different blades for chopping and churning. The Even balloon whisk is possible. The measuring cup is there for accuracy. The fitting of the bowl and the blender is awesome so no room for spillage while doing the job. Later the lid which is supplied as a storage lid can be used as the base to avoid slipping of the bowl.

The handle is ergonomic and suits every grip. A beautiful design ensures no slip and tight grip. The blender can be segmented after use and the blades can be washed and cleaned thoroughly.

It has managed to earn 4.6 from 5 stars in The reviews speak for the performance.  Well, not to forget the reviews are all praises for the sturdy body and durability.

Well, the flip side is the limited warranty of 12 months. It’s too short on this handy gadget. A bit more would have omitted of the single con this product has till date. Anyways the extra warranty can be purchased from

  1. Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed

This product is available at and the cheapest of the lot. The motor is 200 watt and so not very strong but good for the extended time of blending at a moderate speed. Not for heavy duty work, it has two mode of speed- low and high.

Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed

The button is placed at the top for convenience. Another feature of the power button is that it can be fixed to a speed of your choice, so the job of manually pressing the button is reduced.

Colors available are red, shiny black, chrome, pink, and white, so you have the choice to pick what suits your kitchen color scheme.

The body is built of plastic. Thus it is light weight. But the man handling can bring crack to the body, and it cannot survive fatal fall. It is an all utensil friendly blender and can be immersed into any compatible utensil. Accessorized with a plastic measuring cup, which is dishwasher safe as well.

Cleaning is no big deal, all is required is to remove the blade and rinse it under running water. The motor needs to protect from water and so can be disengaged from the blender for thorough cleaning.

This is a budget product, so no other accessories are provided with it. Well, it has a golden three years warranty from the manufacturer, so the plastic body and parts are compensated well. This is the best deal for warranty offered by the competing blenders.

It has managed to earn 4.1 from the five stars on, and the reviews are mostly positive. But the cable for connection is a bit short, 3 foot long. So the proximity of the cable socket is pretty important for its use.

Well, the product is value for money and perfect for light jobs.


  1. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

A moderately priced product which can be ordered from has the value for bucks spend on it. It has a two mode speed which can be enhanced with turbo settings. It boasts of German engineering and has the 350 watts strongest motor in the review article. So no fear of breakage while crushing ice cubes.

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

You can make the finest smoothies with this blender. The casing of the motor is plastic, but the body is of stainless steel. So the cleaning process is damn easy and convenient. Also no fear of using it directly in the piping hot soup or sauce. The steel blades are such that they seem to endure the hardest of the work done in seconds.

The ball type shape of the blades is there to make the blending liquid move downwards rather upwards or outside the pan. This reduces the chance of spilling the liquid out. The handle is suitable for all grips and easily tightens the grip without any expertise.

The balloon whisk is the single attachment which is the best when used for batters and thick or semi solid mixtures. The measuring jar is complimentary with the product and can be used as a mixing jug as well. Every part or attachment apart from the motor is dishwasher friendly, so no more washing with your hands.

Light weight at 1.6 pounds can be tugged along while traveling places. A compact and good and easy storage this is an ideal gifting idea as well. The warranty is 12 months which can be extended from

Well, it has managed to score 4.6 from 5 stars on the selling site A medium budgeted gadget, it is a good choice for people who value for money.

How to pick from the lot?

All of them are unique in their way. All aid you in your blending process while making different cuisine and liquefying process. All of them can be segmented for cleaning and adding attachments. They are easy on space while storing and occupy very little space, not like food processors.

So with so much in common how to pick the best for you? All have the same work patterns, features, and functions. Pretty confusing, right.

Let’s check again, for tough professional jobs; the Breville Control Grip is the perfect pick. Strong, powerful and durable are the words for this authoritative blender. Plenty of attachments makes you get value for money.

The second one in the list the Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender is the smallest yet suitable for the most of the regular work. It is for those who do not want the bender for all time use or better for constraint use. Crushing ice is a big no no. It means a permanent damage to the gadget. Delicate is the word for it, and yet for everyday use.

The perfect blend of price and work result is the Braun Multiquick Product.

The review we hope has done the job simpler for you, well all the blenders available in the market we tried to serve the top three different kinds of the lot. Pick the most suitable for your kitchen.

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